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How to choose a Bridging Lender

We have worked within the industry as a principal lender and know all the “tricks of the trade” within bridging finance. We know the companies that have the money and the ones that don’t. The terms and conditions to look for and the ones to avoid.

On a £100,000 bridging loan on a property worth £200,000 over a 6 month period the difference between two popular lenders is a staggering £4,900.

It can be even higher with some of the smaller lenders.Make sure it’s not you and get independent advice.

  • We only deal with companies where we know the main directors which ensures a speedy response.
  • We have our own allocated bridging finance lines at the lenders for you to use.
  • We negotiate on your behalf with lenders to achieve best rates and terms.
  • Our knowledge of the market means we can arrange bridging finance that suits your particular situation.

Whether you:

  • Need to raise funds in a few days (48 hours is achievable)
  • Require a second charge on a property
  • Have a poor credit history
  • Have no accounts.

Our bridging loans offer a fast and flexible method of property finance where funding is needed for up to 18 months. Funds can be arranged within days or in advance, giving you the flexibility you need.

Residential Bridging Loans

  • Residential Property Purchase – Up to 90% of purchase price on below market value transactions (subject to the debt not exceeding 70 % of the value);
  • Residential Refinance – Up to 75% of current LTV;
  • Residential Property Refurbishment – Up to 70% of the current value plus 70% of refurbishment costs;
  • Residential Development Funding-Up to 65% of projected sales value of the development;
  • Second charge Finance-Up to 65% of current LTV less any outstanding mortgage (up to 23 months).

Commercial Bridging Loans


WhiCommercail Officelst we can obtain commercial bridging finance it’s even more important to ensure that you have an exit route in place for the repayment of the bridging loan.

Not only will the lender want to know about your financial position but some lenders will also need to understand the profitability of any proposed tenant.Please see our Commercial Mortgages page for further information. We can obtain 65% finance for you but most lenders operate between 40%-60% in this sector.


  • Property Purchase (Investment) – Up to 65% of current LTV and not purchase price;
  • Property Purchase (Owner Occupied) – Up to 65% of current LTV and not purchase price for purchase of your own business premises;
  • Commercial Refinance – Up to 65% of current LTV less any outstanding mortgage.

We can assist with:

  • Short term capital raising – Borrow against one or more residential investment properties and use funds for any legal purpose eg: VAT,business expansion,pay a debt.
  • Property refurbishment – No kitchen or bathroom.Property needs a full rip out and refurb. We have lenders who understand the buy to rent market and a bridge is the way to fund your purchase fast with a buy to let loan as the exit.
  • Below Market Value-Found a bargain and want to take advantage of it; well don’t go to the banks.They lend on the lower of the valuation or purchase price.We have bridging finance lenders who will lend on the current market value.They will require a cash contribution and this typically is 10%-30% of the purchase price.
  • Auction Finance – No mainstream bank can complete on a property purchased at auction.Some buy to let lenders can as long as their valuers and solicitors are as quick as you want them to be.Sadly that is rare.Depending on your financial circumstances it may take up to 3 months to apply and obtain a commercial loan.Bridging finance can help you purchase that property.We have lenders who will pre- approve you and we can also arrange the exit route as well at the same time .
  • Draw Down Facility – A pre-arranged limit that can be accessed quickly to allow you to purchase additional properties fast and at the right price to you.
  • Refinance of development loans-Completed your development but not sold the property yet then a bridging loan may be the answer.Gives you time to restructure the debt and if needed obtain buy to let loans.

As members of the Association of Bridging Professionals we abide by their code of ethics and professional conduct.

When dealing with a broker please ensure they hold a Consumer Credit License,are registered with the Information Commissioner,hold professional indemnity cover and are members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.You will then ensure that you will receive  unbiased advice based on the facts provided.